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Annika Hinsche (nee Lückebergfeld) was born in 1981 in Bielefeld, Germany and is one of the most successful German mandolinists. The internationally active performer, teacher, juror and conductor has won numerous national and international awards and competitions.

Her international career – as a soloist, in Mare Duo and in various chamber music formations – takes her regularly through Europe, Asia and the USA.

Annika is a lecturer at the University of Cologne and taught at the Cologne University of Music, Wuppertal Campus. She was also a guest lecturer at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, is permanent lecturer at JugendZupfOrchester NRW and is frequently invited to national and international festivals in Europe and the USA.

As a juror Annika sits on the juries of national and international competitions. She is a conductor of various orchestras, such as the JuniorZupfOrchester NRW and festival orchestras in several European countries and the USA.

Annika has performed on several CDs, including her solo CD Aproximação, on the Mare Duo CDs Crystal tears and Mare Duo plays Frank Wallace, the CD Impressioni with Quartetto Colori and a recording with Söhne Mannheims for the series MTV Unplugged.

She has several compositions dedicated to her by renowned composers including C. Domeniconi, J. Zenamon, K. Vassiliev, F. Wallace, L. Wüller, T.A. LeVines, K.-H. Zarius, M. Borner, and has played numerous world premieres.

She has edited musical scores for various settings at publishers such as Trekel, Margaux and ex tempore.

Annika Hinsche studied mandolin and soprano lute in Wuppertal, Germany, under Professor Marga Wilden-Hüsgen, Professor Caterina Lichtenberg and Gertrud Weyhofen, and in Boston with Professor John McGann.

Carlo Domeniconi CD Selected Works 7

Annika Hinsche plays mandolin

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Selected Works VII - 12 Preludes for Solo Mandolin

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Annika Hinsche, mandolinist

Annika Hinsche

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