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The Berlin-born guitarist Nora Buschmann began her musical education with Monika and Jürgen Rost at the Liszt School of Music, Weimar. Having received a scholarship from the Cultural Fund for Young Artists in Berlin, she continued her studies as a solo pupil of Hubert Käppel at Cologne College of Music.

She went on to win national and international competitions and was awarded a scholarship by the German Council of Music. Masterclasses with virtuosos such as David Russell, Oscar Ghiglia, Thomas Müller-Pering and Carlo Domeniconi completed the formation of this highly talented classical guitarist.

During a five-year stay in Greece, she immersed herself in traditional Greek music and taught guitar at various music conservatories.

Nora Buschmann has since been engaged in a variety of musical activities. She is a regular soloist and tutor at leading international festivals, and her concert tours have taken her throughout Europe and South America.

Composers such as Carlo Domeniconi, Sebastian Zambrana, Ricardo Cianferoni and Quique Sinesi have dedicated works to her. The two solo CDs, Suite Orientale, with pieces by Carlo Domeniconi and Dusan Bogdanovic, and Live in Bern received highly positive critical acclaim.

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Nora Buschman plays guitar

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Nora Buschman, guitarist

Nora Buschman

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