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Raphaella Smits plays eight-string guitars and historical instruments worldwide in her unique way and lives up to her reputation as "an uncommonly musical guitarist" (New York Times). Consequently her recitals always meet enthusiastic audiences and press.

Besides her stage work she has made 15 albums, many of them listed as indispensable to discerning music lovers.

The Belgian guitarist is internationally praised as an inspiring teacher for both guitar and chamber music. In addition to her chair at the Lemmens Institute in Belgium, she regularly gives master classes throughout Europe, North and South America and Japan.

Raphaella Smits is called quite rightly "one of the most delicate and most cultivated performers of our time" (Diapason, France).

Carlo Domeniconi CD Selected Works 3

Raphaella Smits plays guitar

on the Carlo Domeniconi CD

Selected Works III - Music for Two Guitars

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Raphaella Smits, guitarist

Raphaella Smits

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